Donate Produce




If you or your company or organizatin has excess produce please give us a call at 250.498.8859 or send us a note and we will respond to you immediately:

















We are a registered charity and gladly issue tax receipts, in accordance with Canada Revenue guidelines, for donations of produce.


We are willing to send out truck and pick up your excess produce. We have the ability to pick up small loads on short notice with our 1 and 5 ton trucks. Larger loads requiring use of the hwy tractor & trailer would need to be scheduled with management. Our trailers have refrigeration capabilities and we will be happy to return your bins, bags, etc.


The vegetables that we are looking for are as follows: 


beets, broccoli,brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, corn, green beans, lentils, navy beans, onions, peas, peppers,potatoes, pot barley, tomatoes, turnips


We fruit that we can use is: Apples, pears & cherries.


Small blemishes/bruises, oversized, misshapen or cosmetically challenged product is acceptable, as long as it is eatable. 


Rule of thumb: more than half of each piece should be useable, once blemish/damage is removed. Overage produce should have 2 or more days of “life” left before it is unusable and all produce must be fit for human consumption.

Okanagan Gleaners Society

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