There are so many ways that you can play a role in feeding the hungry of the world by volunteering with the Gleaners.


Maybe all you want to do is spend a few hours one morning actually preparing some vegetables for production, helping maintain the production facility or we also have a annual sock drive, (toque, mitts, jackets, underwear ...) 


Do you have a special skill or a particular hobby or interest that you would like to share?  The Gleaners have many needs - from book keeping thru fixing a potato peeler.  There is never a shortage of opportunities to play a role. 


Either way your contribution - big or small - will make a difference in ultimately feeding the worlds hungry.  The Gleaners can only exist because of volunteers. 

The Gleaners exists to transform produce that might otherwise be wasted into nourishment for the millions of the world's hungry. 


The Gleaners depend on securing sources of produce that it can process. How can you help?  Maybe you are someone who may have surplus produce – or you know a farmer or a company that has surplus produce. 


The Gleaners receives produce from many sources – not just farmers.  Large grocery chains or frozen food distribution organizations will provide surplus produce that makes up a large part of the Gleaners production. 


We don’t like seeing produce going to waste; we are Gleaners.


If you have excess produce, please contact us today! 

As a non-profit organization, Okanagan Gleaners relies completely on donations to support its operations. 


Every dollar the Okanagan Gleaners receive goes directly to funding the production of food at our plant in Oliver BC. None of it supports any extensive organization or complex corporate operation. It’s a single plant producing food for the hungry. 


That means your donations go directly to pay bills like the natural gas bill for the food dryers and electrical bills to keep the lights on. 


There are other ways to support the Gleaners.  Maybe you have a piece of equipment the Gleaners could use: a tractor, a forklift, or a truck? 


If you are praying for the Gleaners, please send us a note, and let us know, we would appreciate hearing from you.






Okanagan Gleaners Society

507 No. 3 Road, Oliver BC V0H 1T1


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