New Nyle Systems Food Dehydrator for Okanagan Gleaners

The Okanagan Gleaners Board has approved the purchase of a new dryer.


The current dryers are 50+ years old and failing. Keeping them operational has become extremely difficult and without major expense; virtually impossible. Since the dryers are the most critical part of the process for producing our soup mix, we cannot operate without them.


The new dryer will have 21 racks and will dry almost double the amount of product we can currently dry with our two old dryers. This will allow us to dry product that in the past may been wasted and at a greatly reduced operating costs.


The cost of new dryer is $163,000 + $40,000 for installation, infrastructure upgrades and start-up.


To date we have dedicated funds of $143,000 towards the purchase of a new dryer and the Board is confident that the members will support this new and necessary purchase.


Below is a sketch of the design of the new dryer and some photos from a recent trip that two of our members made to Nyle Systems in Bangor Maine showing some of the various componets that will make up our new dryer.

See through view of FDC 1000 Dryer

Typical wall construction R27

Forward Blade Direct Fan

Sketch of FDC 1000 Dryer

Typical dryer door 

Computerized Dryer Control Systems

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