Other Gleaner Operations


The concept of the Gleaners started in 1994 when small group of concerned Christians were distressed by the waste of fruit and vegetables in the Okanagan.  The Okanagan Gleaners  began production in 1996 to process discarded product, drying it and turning it into a quality soup mix to be shipped to countries where there is a need. Other Gleaners Organizations have started up production based on the Okanagan Gleaners business model.


For information about volunteering at one of the other Gleaner operations, please click on the link to their site.  



Fraser Valley Gleaners, Abbotsford, BC                             North Okanagan Valley Gleaners, Lavington, BC      


Ontario Christian Gleaners, Cambridge, ON                       Prairie Gleaners Society, Medicine Hat, AB                      


Peace Country Gleaners, La Crete, AB                                  

Okanagan Gleaners Society

507 No. 3 Road, Oliver BC V0H 1T1


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