Okanagan Gleaners

Feeding the hungry in Christ's name


The Gleaners exists to transform produce that might otherwise be wasted into nourishment for the millions of the world's hungry. The Okanagan Gleaners developed a mission of “feeding the hungry of the world in Jesus' name".


A dedicated group of individuals gather together in Oliver BC, Monday to Friday, to process raw vegetables into a dry vegetable product which is then made available to Christian organizations to help feed the hungry of the world.


Bill Saul: President AGM Report

The last year has been one of constant change in our operating environment.  Due to Covid-19 and its associated restrictions and releases we have been operating under periodically quite adverse conditions.  Yet, due to the commitment of our volunteers and donors, we were able to have a complete mixing time in April, and will have another in October.  Unlike in 2019, there is a large demand now for our soup mix so everything we produce will find hungry people all over the world.  We have partnered with some new Aid agencies and are very grateful to all our supporters who make it possible to supply this demand.

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We are back processing fresh product therefore, we could use volunteer help.


  • Okanagan Gleaners will process Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM 

  • Monday through Friday the plant will accept up to 40 pre-registered volunteers

  • Please register 48 hours in advance of your visit

  • Register with okgvolunteer@gmail.com 

  • Only registered volunteers will be allowed on site


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