Okanagan Gleaners

Feeding the hungry in Christ's name


The Gleaners exists to transform produce that might otherwise be wasted into nourishment for the millions of the world's hungry. The Okanagan Gleaners developed a mission of “feeding the hungry of the world in Jesus' name".


A dedicated group of individuals gather together in Oliver BC, Monday to Friday, to process raw vegetables into a dry vegetable product which is then made available to Christian organizations to help feed the hungry of the world.

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Help if you can

Dear Members and Friends of Gleaners.

In order to continue our efforts to help feed the hungry

of the world, it has become necessary to construct a

new storage building to house the finished dehydrated

food.  Currently we have only storage containers on site

which present many challenges for access to move

pallets in and out safely. The containers also become

very hot in the summer months which can affect the

freshness of the stored product. We encourage our

faithful donors and new donors to help towards

raising this amount over the next few months.

We solicit your prayers and support in this

worthwhile endeavor. As of April 10, we are at $45,000. 

God willing, funds will continue to come in as the project

moves forward.

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Good news! No more restrictions. Our capacity limit is back to 100% and masks are no longer required but you may wear one if you wish. We process Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM. No registration required.

What a great couple of weeks. Okanagan Gleaners has finished our spring mixing. 5.545 million servings of food packaged and waiting to be distributed. Ukraine, Mexico, Cuba, Hait, Sri Lanka are all on the map to receive food. We couldn't do it without a BLESSED crew of volunteers. THANK YOU!


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