Okanagan Gleaners

Feeding the hungry in Christ's name


The Gleaners exists to transform produce that might otherwise be wasted into nourishment for the millions of the world's hungry. The Okanagan Gleaners developed a mission of “feeding the hungry of the world in Jesus' name".


A dedicated group of individuals gather together in Oliver BC, Monday to Friday, to process raw vegetables into a dry vegetable product which is then made available to Christian organizations to help feed the hungry of the world.


In view of recent concerning reports about the spreading of the Omicron virus, the Board and

Management Staff have reviewed the protocol used at the plant in order for everyone to feel and be safe to come and volunteer. This protocol has been updated to advise everyone that for the foreseeable future there will not be coffee and snacks provided. Please bring your own refreshments and snacks.

Also only registered volunteers may come and volunteer for a total of 25 individuals. Those attending will also fill in the daily attendance sheet and masks must be worn at all times. Failure to adhere to these protocols may place the plant in jeopardy of being required to close down.

We trust that all will honor these requirements so that we can continue to volunteer in a safe and

congenial atmosphere

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We are back processing fresh product therefore, we could use volunteer help.


  • Okanagan Gleaners will process Monday to Friday 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM 

  • Monday through Friday the plant will accept up to 25 pre-registered volunteers

  • Please register 48 hours in advance of your visit

  • Register with okgvolunteer@gmail.com 

  • Only registered volunteers will be allowed on site


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